• Simerics at 2014 Purdue Conferences

    The 22nd International Compressor Engineering Conference, the 15th International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference and the 3rd International High Performance Buildings Conference will be held July 14-17, 2014, on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

    Simerics will have three presentations during the Conferences:

    1. 3-D Transient CFD Model for Rolling Piston Compressor with Dynamic Reed Valve

    C-13: Compressor Modeling III • 16/Jul/2014: 9:45am-12:00pm • Location: 322
    ID: 1548

    2. Influence of approaches in CFD Solvers on Performance Prediction in Screw Compressors:

    C-7: Compressor Modeling I • 15/Jul/2014: 1:30pm-3:30pm • Location: 322
    ID: 1124

    3. Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Flow in a Scroll Compressor

    C-1: Scroll Compressors I • 14/Jul/2014: 1:00pm-3:00pm • Location: 314
    ID: 1425

    Please, stop by to talk to our engineers and learn about the latest development of PumpLinx®.

    To learn more about 2014 Purdue Conferences go here.

  • PumpLinx® Version 3.4 Webinars

    The following Webinars are scheduled for PumpLinx® v3.4 to provide an overview of existing capabilities, plus introduce new features of Version 3.4 for selected templates and applications. The sessions are limited in size, with preference given to current users of PumpLinx®, however any interested party is encouraged to register and will be included, space permitting. Sessions will be recorded and made available on the website.

    Session # Topic/Template Date/Time (Morning) Date/Time (Evening)
    1 New Features in 3.4 June 10, 08:30 CT June 10, 18:00 CT
    2 PumpLinx for
    Axial Centrifugal Pumps
    June 24, 08:30 CT June 24, 18:00 CT
    3 PumpLinx for Oil & Gas August 5, 08:30 CT August 5, 18:00 CT

    Note: CT = US Central Time Zone (Chicago)
    To register go to Webinar Registration or email Chris Langford at

    Session Abstracts

    June 10th: New Features in 3.4

    This presentation will provide current users of PumpLinx and Simerics MP with an overview of the new features of the latest software release, Version 3.4. The presentation will include instructions on where and how to download the relevant files and an introduction to the new help files and tutorials. Examples of the new general mesher capabilities will be provided as well as an overview of other common features. In addition, new capabilities pertaining specifically to the PumpLinx Templates (e.g. vane, piston, gerotor, etc. ) will be provided along with recommendations for best practices.

    June 24th: PumpLinx for Axial/Centrifugal Pumps

    Advanced techniques and recommended practices for the simulation of axial/centrifugal pumps are provided. These techniques are relevant regardless of the industry or application. The importance of transient simulation is discussed and demonstrated. The importance and recommended approach for modeling leakage paths and fine details are presented. Mesh methods and the resolution of boundary layers are addressed along with other frequently asked questions. Finally, post-processing is addressed with emphasis on how to evaluate loads, efficiencies, and identify loss mechanism.

    August 5th: PumpLinx for the Oil and Gas Industry

    The methodology applied to various types of devices used in the Oil and Gas industry will be examined in this presentation.  The main areas to be addressed are Axial/Centrifugal pumps, Frac/Mud pumps, Valves, and Systems consisting of combinations of these. These different pump types require unique consideration in regards to the salient features of each device’s characteristics when generating the simulations. Specifically, the Axial/Centrifugal pump simulations require that attention is given to whether or not convergence has been achieved. Residual history (residual drop of 3 orders of magnitude for steady state) is not necessarily sufficient to determine the completeness of the solution (the flow field must be sensible). When analyzing the Frac/Mud pumps the effective viscosity is an issue and adjustments are needed to approximate the volume conditions. Valve simulations require that the proper settings are applied for it to function properly. All of these guidelines will be provided in this presentation. Finally, Systems of combinations of these components are examined.

  • PumpLinx 3.4 Released

    Simerics is proud to announce the release of PumpLinx® Version 3.4. PumpLinx® is a CFD simulation tool unique for virtual testing of fluid pumps, motors, compressors, valves, and systems with rotating and/or sliding components. It is particularly distinguished by its ability to model liquid systems with aeration and cavitation.
    Starting with a 3-D CAD design, PumpLinx® enables the engineer to create a virtual test article and generate flow visualization and engineering output similar in accuracy to full scale hardware test, at a fraction of the time and cost. Among other advances, the newly released PumpLinx® v3.4 includes improved mesh generation capabilities, additional physical models such as flexible walls, and new templates and template features.
    To find out more, please sign-up for the upcoming New Features Webinar, scheduled for June 10, 2014.

  • Simerics Automotive Users’ Meeting

    Simerics Detroit Office took the lead in organizing the first Simerics Users’ Conference. The conference was held immediately following the SAE 2014 conference and focused on the Automotive Industry. More than twenty users, including those from major automotive companies (GM, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, and Tata Motors) attended the meeting. Based on the response of our users, it was big success for Simerics. Simerics is planning to add this event to its yearly calendar.
    Sincere thanks go out to all participants and presenters!

  • Simerics® at SAE 2014 World Congress and Exhibition

    Simerics will be participating in the SAE 2014 World Congress and Exhibition held on April 8-10, 2014 at Cobo Center,Detroit, Michigan, USA

    To see  the latest upgrades to PumpLinx, or talk to our engineers, visit us at booth 430!

    To learn more go to SAE 2014 World Congress website.

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