Simerics-MP+ for Marine

Simulation software for all marine and offshore applications


Simerics®-MP+for Marine is a 3-D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool that provides accurate virtual testing for the analysis and performance prediction of Hull design, Friction and Wave resistance, Effective horsepower, Self propelling acceleration/speed, Boat/Ship porpoising, Ship maneuvering, Seakeeping and Propulsion systems. Simerics®-MP+ was developed at Simerics using the latest in CFD architecture combined with Simerics’ proprietary algorithms and physical models. The unique advantages and capabilities of Simerics®-MP+ are as listed below:

  • Comprehensive physics

    Flow, turbulence, multiphase with free surface, conjugate heat transfer, aeration, cavitation.

  • Accurate predictions

    Excellent correlation with test data over the full operating range.

  • Fast model creation, even faster simulation speed

    5-10 minutes from CAD to simulation, 1-2 hours for steady-state results.

  • Able to model complex ship movement

    Self-propelled acceleration, porpoising, maneuvering, seakeeping etc.


Simerics®-MP+ for Marine provides state-of-the-art numerical capabilities and ease-of-use at a cost equal to or lower than codes with less capability.

  • Result Accuracy

    Accurate Results:

    Simerics-MP+ for Marine consistently provides simulation predictions that are within 5% of physical hardware test results over the full operating range. (Testimonial)

  • Superior Multiphase Module:

    Simerics-MP+ for Marine rigorously solves multiphase free surface flows using implicit and explicit approaches for both steady and unsteady flows with multi-degree of freedom fluid structure interaction. (Testimonial)

  • Convergence

    Fast Calculation Times:

    Simerics-MP+ for Marine has repeatedly been shown to be more than 10 times faster than other commercial codes, enabling more complex simulations, including full transient analysis when needed. (Testimonial)

  • Robust Solver

    Robust Solver:

    Simerics-MP+ for Marine is able to converge extremely difficult problems, such as ship porpoising and shallow water simulation.

  • Easy of Use

    Ease of Use:

    5 to 10 minutes is typically required to create a model with the aid of templates, automated mesh generation and a single GUI for set-up, simulation, and post-processing.

  • Support

    Virtually Unlimited Support:

    Simerics-MP+ for Marine comes with extensive training and virtually unlimited support in helping set-up cases. (Testimonial)