• SP80’s partnership with Orca3D and Simerics: a step towards hull’s optimization

    While the world is tearing apart due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, our team is still working as hard as before to keep the three years SP80 project objectives. Now that teleworking is mandatory almost worldwide, SP80’s partnership with Orca3D and Simerics has enabled the possibility for faster and easier CFD computation from home.

    Orca3D Marine CFD is the result of a collaboration between two American software specialists: Orca3D and Simerics, Inc. It combines naval architecture (Orca3D) and CFD (Simerics) softwares. Its designers have bet on the facility and user-friendly aspects for their product, allowing quick alternative designs simulations without the long learning curve typically associated with CFD.

    “Orca3D Marine CFD is providing additional knowledge about how to make the SP80 sailboat go very fast without the past requirement of having a PhD in CFD” insured Rich Moore, Executive Vice President, Strategy, OEMs, Partners, at Simerics, Inc. For us, its main asset will be the facility and velocity of CFD hull simulations with respect to other CFD softwares. Furthermore, it will particularly allow to save time when defining a set-up and also to quickly study several shapes and parameters.

    “Orca3D Marine CFD will be essential for our future work” commented Anaëlle Manon and Charles de Sarnez, two members of the SP80 fluid dynamics team. We will start by using it for the Velocity Prediction Program data generation. It will afterwards allow us to simulate different parameters’ influences, such as pitch, yaw or speed on the hull we already have. The results are going to be used to improve the VPP’s precision, which will in turn permit a study on the hull’s shape optimization.

    David Sanchez, member of the performance prediction team

  • SP80, Simerics, and Orca3D Partner to Create the World’s Fastest Sailboat.

    Orca3D Marine CFD is enabling SP80 to break the current world record of 65.45 knots by a sailboat using CFD software

    BELLEVUE, WA March 2 2020 – Orca3D and Simerics, developing Orca3D Marine CFD, are collaborating with SP80 as part of their sailboat design project to break Paul Larsen’s sailing speed record set in 2012. Started in 2019, SP80 has a four-year plan to develop, build, and tune their revolutionary boat using CFD to break the current record. Using CFD is allowing SP80 to quickly simulate alternative designs with Orca3D Marine CFD software without the long learning curve typically associated with CFD. SP80 boat design leverages super-ventilating hydrofoils and an innovative kite power management system. The SP80 design team can now use Orca3D Marine CFD to better understand this particular sailboat and how to make it go faster without the need to become a CFD specialist.

    By working together, Simerics, Inc. and Orca3D have enabled SP80 to test different boat designs and also save thousands of hours of water testing by using CFD simulation software.

    “SP80 will be the first sailboat to ever reach the speed of 80knots. Therefore, understanding how it reacts within its environment is a crucial mission. At these speeds, you can’t afford to just build, test, crash and learn. We must have a precise idea of the dynamic stability of our hull while minimizing its drag. This is what Orca 3D Marine CFD simulations will enable us to achieve.” said Xavier Lepercq, co-founder of SP80 and CTO. “We are very excited to use Orca3D Marine CFD simulation to break the world’s sailing speed record and help sailboat designers around the world gain even more confidence in applying CFD to their sailboat designs, just as we are doing with SP80.”

    SP80 SP80

    “Orca3D Marine CFD is providing additional knowledge about how to make the SP80 sailboat go very fast without the past requirement of having a PhD in CFD. In other words, CFD experience not required for Naval Architects and Marine Engineers,” said Rich Moore, Executive Vice President, Strategy, OEMs, Partners, at Simerics, Inc.

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    About Orca3D Marine CFD

    Orca3D, LLC is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, and is the developer of the Orca3D marine design plug-in for Rhino, and together with Simerics, Inc. has developed Orca3D Marine CFD, providing accurate, affordable, and reliable CFD for naval architects. Orca3D is used by thousands of designers and builders worldwide on all types of commercial and recreational craft, including cargo vessels, naval and coast guard ships, ferries, high-speed recreational boats, sailboats, motor yachts, and small craft. For more information please visit

    About SP80

    SP80 is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland and is gathering a team of engineers and students working on an innovative sailboat aiming to break the world sailing speed record in 2022. Since 2019, the team is stretching the limits of naval architecture to meet the requirements of their innovative sailboat, meant to reach 80 knots thanks to the power generated by the kite sail. For more information, please visit

    About Simerics, Inc.

    Simerics is headquartered in Bellevue, WA and are the developers of Orca3D Marine CFD; Simerics MP; Simerics MP+; Rhino Flow RT; Creo Flow Analysis; Simerics MP for SOLIDWORKS; NX Flow RT; Simerics MP for Fusion; CFTurbo SMP all leading products. Simerics and our partners serve several vertical industries: Marine, Auto, Aerospace, Pumps, Valves, Compressors, Heat Exchangers. Electronics, Turbo Machinery, oil and Gas and general purpose CFD. For more information please visit


    Orca 3D Marine CFD – Bruce Hays

    SP80 – Mayeul van den Broek
    +41 78 672 92 78

    Simerics – Rich Moore

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