• Webinar: Fluid Dynamics Inspiring Innovation

    Please join us on January 26, 2021 at 1PM ET for a webinar Fluid Dynamics Inspiring Innovation”. To find out more about webinar and register go here

  • CFD 201 – Free Series on CFD for Engineers, Designers and Engineering Managers

    November 12, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET

    Join Simerics & PTC for this free series on CFD for Engineers, Designers and Engineering Managers. 

    Out industry experts will talk through:

    CFD 102 Recap

    CFD 201 Topics

    • Cavitation – What happens when bubbles form and pop in your products?
    • Rotating Geometry – The key to fast and efficient fan, pump, and turbine simulations 
    • Centrifugal Pump Simulation in Creo Flow Analysis

    Getting Started with Creo Flow Analysis


  • Free Webinar: CFD 102 for Engineers, Designers and Engineering Managers

    Join Simerics & PTC for free webinar CFD 102 for Engineers, Designers and Engineering Managers.

    When: August 19, 2020 | 11am to 12pm EDT

    To attend CFD 102, please register for this session. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with details to join the webinar.

    Please register here.

  • Free Surface Rendering by Corentin Bigot Yacht Design

    Powered by Simerics-MP the Orca3D Marine CFD, used by Corentin Bigot Yacht Design, employs the new free surface rendering option. It makes the digital water look as real as water in an ocean, lake or river. Additionally, the water around their yachts is a realistic digital rendering.

    To learn more about how you can use the new free surface rendering option in Orca3D Marine CFD to make your digital water realistic please contact:

  • Simerics-MP and Simerics-MP+ version 5.1 released

    Simerics is proud to announce the release of Simerics-MP and Simerics-MP+ version 5.1.

    This release has four new templates:

    • GT Interface Template: for seamless integration with GT-Suite.

    • Ball 3D Valve Template: for simulation of 3D movement of ball valve using a new mesh algorithm.

    • Helical Gear Template: for simulation of a pair of helical gears.

    • Data Exchange sub-module: for handling of data exchange with other simulation cases or third-party software.

    There are also new enhancements in the existing templates including Crescent Template, Piston Cooling Template, Vehicle Template, Marine Template, and Swash Plate Piston Template.

    Most of the features and the functionalities of Simerics solver, including all the templates and radiation model, now can run on multiple computers using MPI parallel algorithms. Major improvement in MGI interface algorithm makes MGI interface more stable and more robust with guaranteed conservation even when the interfaces have overlaps or gaps. Discrete equation solver now can automatically switch between AMG and CGS, when the current setting does not converge.

    A couple of new buttons were added in GUI, one for direct access to global expressions. and another to refresh color map using local value range. Three new shapes, “shell”, “pipe”, and figure “8”, were added to template mesher.

    In the new version, users can create multiple animations together in a single session. The output file of distributed variables can now be written in xml format, which is fully compatible with Simerics input format.

    Many new tutorials have been added to the help manual in version 5.1 including Natural Convection, Vortex Shedding, Cavitation over an orifice, Turbulent flow in a diffuser, and Mixing Tank, and GT coupling. Also a few standalone help files were created, such as Ball 3D valve, self-propelled boat, piston cooling, and windshield de-icing, before they are formally integrated into help manual.

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