Simerics-MP+ for Valves

Simulation Software to predict the Dynamics and FSI of Valves in a System


Simerics-MP+® for Valves is a 3-D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool that provides accurate virtual testing for the analysis and performance prediction of Valves and associated Systems. Simerics-Valves can accurately compute the dynamics of a valve based on its geometry, physical properties, spring constant, and surrounding fluid pressures. For liquid systems, Simerics-MP+® for Valves’ proprietary Cavitation Module accurately models vapor, free gas and liquid compressibility to enable the analysis of performance, pressure ripple, and cavitation damage.

  • Comprehensive physics

    Valve Dynamics, flow, turbulence, conjugate heat transfer, aeration, cavitation, particles.

  • Accurate predictions

    Excellent correlation with test data over the full operating range.

  • Fast model creation, even faster simulation speed

    Less than an hour from CAD to simulation.

  • Able to model complex details down to the micro scale

    Accurately model tight clearances, complex geometries, etc.


Simerics-MP+® for Valves is built on Simerics® MP+’s baseline technology to provide a transient 3-D simulation software uniquely suited for the analysis and design of different types of valves including ball valve, spool valve, puppet valve, and reed valve.

  • Result Accuracy

    Accurate Results:

    Simerics-MP+® for Valves consistently provides simulation predictions that are within 5% of physical hardware test results over the full operating range. (Testimonial)

  • Cavitation

    Superior Cavitation/Aeration Module:

    Simerics-MP+® for Valves rigorously and independently accounts for the formation, transport, and effects of non-condensable gases (e.g. air) and cavitation vapor, as opposed to using a lumped effective compressibility approach. (Testimonial)

  • Convergence

    Fast Calculation Times:

    Simerics-MP+® for Valves has repeatedly been shown to be more than 5 times faster than other commercial codes, enabling more complex simulations. (Testimonial)

  • Robust Solver

    Robust Solver:

    Simerics-MP+® for Valves is able to converge extremely difficult problems, such as 200-300 MPa high pressure fuel injection valves.

  • Easy of Use

    Ease of Use:

    Less than 30 minutes is typically required to create a model with the aid of templates, automated mesh generation and a single GUI for set-up, simulation, and post-processing.

  • Support

    Virtually Unlimited Support:

    Simerics-MP+® for Valves comes with extensive training and virtually unlimited support in helping set-up cases. (Testimonial)



Simerics-MP+® for Valves provides templates specifically to enable the rapid set-up and simulation of a full range of Valves and Systems.

Valve Templates:

Simerics-MP+® for Valves: Valve Templates