MP Meshing



Simerics-MP has a built in general purpose mesher. It generates body fitted binary tree mesh directly and automatically from CAD surfaces. No CAD cleaning is required. User can always get a valid mesh even with the default settings. The mesher also provide easy and intuitive ways to refine the mesh in user-defined region. The mesh generated has very high quality and very high efficiency.

  • Ease of use

    Automatic mesh generation and automatic one-step generation of separated solid, fluid domains for problems within conjugate heat transfer applications.

  • Agile mesh generation

    Mesh for a 50 million cell vehicle under hood model with thousands of components can be created in 1-2 hours.

  • Robust process

    Time taken for “dirty” CAD geometry import to mesh generation is significantly negligible. No CAD cleanup required.

  • Superior quality and geometry fidelity

    High fidelity mesh with perfect orthogonality and aspect ratio for best accuracy and highly efficient mesh for a quick transition from course to fine mesh.