MP Heat

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger: Temperature & Streamline



Simerics-MP solves conductive, convective, and conjugated heat transfer in solids and fluids with temperature/pressure dependent material properties. Combined with flow solve, MP-Heat covers both forced convection and free convection. A separate surface to surface Radiation module handles radiative heat transfer very efficiently even for the model with huge number of surfaces.

  • Comprehensive physics

    Conduction, forced convection, free convection, radiation, thermal dynamics, viscous heating, and variable material properties.

  • Easy setup

    Automatic one-step generation of separated solid, fluid domains for problems within conjugate heat transfer applications and automatic conversion of all the interfaces to conjugated walls.

  • Accurate prediction

    Excellent correlation with test data over the full operating range.

  • Fast simulation speed

    Proprietary numerical algorithm with significantly faster run-time, faster convergence, and rapid simulation results as observed in vehicle underhood thermal management.

  • Robust Process

    Highly stable under extreme simulation conditions, with highly distorted and high aspect ratio mesh, etc.