"A great tool for Design Engineers"

Simerics-MP and Simerics-MP+ are built on Simerics’s baseline technology to provide a powerful transient 3-D simulation software uniquely suited for the analysis and design process in multiple market segments.

  • Simerics-MP+ for Marine- a perfect package

    Simerics-MP+ Testimonial from DM8 Composites

    “For new CFD users like us, Simerics-MP+ for Marine is the perfect package! It provides a smooth and robust CAD to CFD workflow in less than 7 steps along with zero CAD clean up and excellent technical support. We’ve found that Simerics-MP+ for Marine is far superior in terms of speed (with their MPI parallel simulation capabilities) and accuracy with experimental results. Our applications involve resistance/powering, boat maneuvering, etc., which we struggled previously to run with other commonly known CFD tools on the market. With Simerics-MP+, the numerical settings, like mesh size and layout, time step, numerical schemes, etc. are properly set and stored in their marine specified template, which covers almost 100% of our application. These helps up to get the job done in no time.”

  • Simerics-MP+for Marine- a very streamlined and robust CFD tool

    Simerics-MP+ Testimonial from HSMarine

    “We have been using Simerics-MP+ at HSMarine Propulsion for the past two years.  It has proved to be a very streamlined and robust CFD tool to run ship hull and propeller or waterjet simulations.  Geometry preparation is easy and comes directly from our usual CAD modeling methods.  The meshing is simple, yet flexible enough to model the critical attributes of the simulation.  Solutions have proven to be very reliable and accurate.  The code is very fast and in many cases geometry to solution takes only a couple of hours.  The interface is very intuitive for Naval Architects, using standard terminology, and many of the important attributes of interest (pitch, heave, EHP, etc.) are preprogrammed to be plotted or extracted from the simulations.

    This software has enabled us to investigate the details of the flow around the hull, appendages and propellers that provide answers to questions that we have only been able to estimate or answer with empirical information.  The ability to simulate the actual operating conditions with all the physics modeled correctly enables us to make better decisions of tradeoffs between design choices and provide better solutions to customers.”

  • Simerics-MP, A Great Program for the Engineer

    Simerics-MP Testimonial from HMS Group Russia

    Simerics-MP for me has surpassed all expectations: 3D model preparation – 2 hours maximum, 1 hour on average. No problems with mesh creation – always created and there are no errors in the calculations because of the quality of the grid. Calculation of the first characteristic point is no more than 10-30 minutes, which is 10-30 times faster than our main program. Accuracy of the calculation for the pressure and for the efficiency in the range of 1% to 3% max (in the operating range of feeds, and for one pump and throughout the feature). To sum up the total: a great program for the engineer; quick and easy; Overall evaluation of 9 out of 10 (with 10 being a perfect virtual [Score])

    Lead Engineer, HMS Group Russia
  • Simerics-MP Helps Engineer Deliver 3X Improvement in System Efficiency

    Simerics-MP  Testimonial from ClearMotion (previously Levant Power Corp.) 

    “Simerics-MP has enabled our engineering team to accurately simulate performance of GenShock and its internal design features. It is delivering more accurate results for our hydraulic pump and valve modeling efforts than previous CFD packages we have utilized, saving us time and money. A couple data points: our latest generation GenShock demonstrated empirical performance within 1.7% of our un-calibrated predictions. The ability to accurately simulate design features enabled us to rapidly hone in on design enhancements, delivering a 3x improvement in system efficiency over the previous generation. ”


    Zack Anderson, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Levant Power Corp.
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