• Simerics is attending ADT User Conference in London, UK

    Dr. Lowry, President of Simerics will be attending the TURBOdesign Suite User Group Meeting 2014 held at the Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury, Central London, UK on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th November 2014. The meeting is organized by Advanced Design Technology (ADT) a UK based company that specialized in the development of advanced turbomachinery design methods, which help shorten development time as well as improve the performance of turbomachinery components.
    The main objective of this meeting is to provide a highly technical exchange on best practices for design, analysis, automatic optimization and integration of 3D inverse design tools in industrial design workflows.

  • Simerics at CCEFP Fluid Power Innovation and Research Conference

    Dr. Lowry, President of Simerics attended the 2014 Center Compact Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) Conference held October 13-15th at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. In attendance were nearly two hundred participants, half of whom were from industry. More information on the conference can be found at CCEFP Fluid Power Innovation and Research Conference (FPIRC14). The CCEFP’s Industry membership is currently transitioning to a non-profit 501(c)(3) giving program called the Pascal Society, a part of the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation. Simerics is a currently Silver member of that society. More information about the Pascal Society and a list of CCEFP supporters will be available soon at CCEFP’s Industry Supporters’ page.

  • Simerics has opened a new subsidiary in Germany

    Simerics Inc. (USA) is proud to announce that it has opened a new subsidiary: Simerics GmbH in Rottenburg, Germany. It will allow  to better meet the growing needs of expanding, German speaking markets. The main purpose of Simerics GmbH is to sell, promote, and provide technical support for Simerics software products in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

    “The creation of Simerics GmbH will provide expanded and enhanced services and support to our customers and prospects in the DACH countries”– said Sam Lowry, President of Simerics Inc.

    For more information please visit Simerics GmbH’s website. If you have any questions call: +49 7472 96946-25 or email

  • Simerics and PDM Analysis Ltd Enter into Cooperation Agreement

    PDM Analysis Ltd and Simerics have teamed up to offer the unique solution for design and development of positive displacement (PD) screw compressors, pumps and motors through an integrated design and analysis tool set consisting of SCORG™ and PumpLinx®. This software suite characterized by fast model set-up, high accuracy and fast computational speed will help companies create an optimized and innovative design of screw machines for improved performance and reduced cost.

    Building on the latest simulation technologies, SCORG™ and PumpLinx® offer the designer an integrated virtual tool to drive the design, development and optimization of positive displacement screw machines capable of simulating the full range of operating conditions, including clearance management, real gas multiphase flows and cavitation. The user friendliness and robustness of this tool will allow companies to design superior screw machines with reduced design efforts, fewer hardware tests and shorter product development cycle times.

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    About PDM Analysis Ltd:

    PDM Analysis Ltd ( is the UK based company which offers advanced software, services and consultancy for positive displacement screw machines. The expertise and experience of our staff in the field of screw compressors was built over last 25 years through collaboration with leading industrial and academic customers and partners worldwide. We are closely associated with City University London where SCORG™ was originally developed.

    SCORG™ is the unique software tool for design, grid generation and pre-processing for CFD of positive displacement screw machines. It is designed to minimise efforts and maximise efficiency of the design process by enabling evaluation and manipulation of rotor profiles, geometry, preliminary thermodynamic analysis and grid generation of the large number of positive displacement rotary machines with variety of rotor combinations.


    About Simerics:

    Simerics, Inc. ( ) is the US based company which offers unique and innovative computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to drive the design and development of many products, one of which is screw machines. We have offices and distributors world-wide and our staff have decades of experience over broad areas of CFD. Many of the biggest companies in the world have become our partners and customers.

    PumpLinx® is the CFD software from Simerics that is particularly strong in several categories of applications, one of which is positive displacement screw machines. Other strengths of this software include a wide range of components such as valves, bearings, fuel injectors, gear box, heat exchangers and complete 3D CFD models of fluid systems. PumpLinx® is the only software available that can simulate many of the pump, compressor and valve designs; for many others, it is the only one that can generate accurate solutions within reasonable turn-around times. Key advantages of the software include accuracy, faster computational speeds and significantly lower model set-up times.


    PR Contact, PDM Analysis Ltd:
    Professor Ahmed Kovacevic
    PDM Analysis Ltd
    8 Eccleston Close,
    Barnet, EN4 9EZ, United Kingdom
    Tel: +49 78 2781 8689


    PR Contact, Simerics:
    Dr. Sam Lowry
    Simerics, Inc.
    303 Williams Ave. Suite 123
    Huntsville, AL 35801, USA
    Tel: 256-489-1480

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  • Simerics at Pump & Turbo 2014

    Simerics will be participating in the 43rd Turbomachinery and 30th Pump Symposia in Houston, TX.
    The goal of these events is promote professional development, technology transfer, peer networking, and information exchange among industry professionals.The Symposia exhibition show will host booths of over 300 companies from the oil and gas, petrochemical, power, pumping and turbomachinery industries.This year Symposia (Pump&Turbo2014) will be held at George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX on September 23-25.

    To learn about the latest developments from Simerics and to talk to our engineers, please visit us at booth 410 at the 30th International Pump Users Symposium Exhibition.
    To learn more about 43rd Turbomachinery&30th Pump Symposia in Houston, TX click here

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