Simerics MP

Simulation Software for multi-purpose (MP) applications involving fluids, heat transfer and fluid-structure interaction


Simerics® MP is a collection of core 3-D CFD capabilities and physical modules that enables accurate virtual testing for multi-purpose (MP) applications involving fluids, heat transfer and fluid-structure interaction. Simerics® MP was developed at Simerics using the latest in CFD architecture combined with Simerics’ proprietary algorithms and physical models. The unique advantages and capabilities of Simerics® MP are as listed below:
  • Comprehensive physics

    Flow, Turbulence, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Radiation, Aeration, Cavitation, MultiComponent Mixing, Free Surface, Particles, 1-DOF dynamics
  • Accurate predictions

    Excellent correlation with test data for a wide range of applications
  • Fast model creation, even faster simulation speed

    Less than an hour from CAD to Simulation, < 15 min. for steady-state results
  • Able to model complex details down to the micro scale

    Accurately model detailed features with no simplification of the geometry required


Simerics® MP provides state-of-the-art numerical capabilities and ease-of-use at a cost equal to or lower than codes with less capability.

  • Accurate Results

    Accurate Results:

    Simerics MP consistently provides simulation predictions that are within 5% of physical hardware test results.  Simerics MP can be used as a virtual testbed to accurately predict how a system will perform prior to hardware testing and can be used as a “thinking tool” to better understand how it works and how it can be improved. (Testimonial)
  • Easu of Use

    Ease of Use:

    Less than 30 minutes is typically required to create a model from CAD, using an automated mesh generation and a single GUI for set-up, simulation, and post-processing. (Testimonial)
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    Advanced Multi-Purpose Physics:

    Simerics MP offers modules for modeling a range of physics, including Aeration, Cavitation, Multi-Phase, Multi-Component, Particles, Radiation and the Dynamics of Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI). (Testimonial)
  • Convergence

    Fast Calculation Times:

    Simerics MP has repeatedly been shown to be more than 5 times faster than other commercial codes, enabling more complex simulations, including full transient analysis when needed. (Testimonial)
  • Robust Solver

    Robust Solver:

    Simerics MP is able to converge extremely difficult problems, even those with detailed micro-scale features and/or severe cavitation. (Testimonial)
  • Michaela

    Expert Training &  Support Available:

    Simerics MP comes with tutorials for the various modules that can be supplemented with focused training and deep support. (Testimonial)


FOR Multi-Physics Simulations

Simerics®-MP provides modules to enable the solution of a broad range of physical problems.

Core Modules: Heat, Flow and Turbulence

Simerics-MP: Other Modules
Multiphase (VOF Free Surface)
Moving/Morphing Grids and MRF
Multicomponent Mixing


Simerics® MP is able to run on a standard desktop machine with speed unsurpassed by other software
Operating System
Windows XP or newer; 32-bit or 64 bit (64 bit recommended)
Linux Red Hat 5.x or newer; 64-bit version
Open GL support required (never version required for some functionality
1 million mesh cells require approximately 1GB of RAM. A single component model typically requires approximately 0.5 to 1 million cells.