"A great tool for Design Engineers"

Simerics-MP and Simerics-MP+ are built on Simerics’s baseline technology to provide a powerful transient 3-D simulation software uniquely suited for the analysis and design process in multiple market segments.

  • Simerics-MP Helps Raise Productivity And Improve Quality Of Simulation Work

    Simerics-MP Testimonial from Pierburg Pump Technology:

    Since we started using Simerics-MP in 2008, we have been able to start using extensively CFD calculations for Positive Displacement pumps such as vane, gerotor and external gear pumps.What we find great with Simerics-MP is the capability to set-up a complex model very quickly (including CAD model clean up, import into Simerics-MP, meshing and set-up) and be able to get results for a transient analysis in a few hours. This allow us to use the software not only for new projects development but also for troubleshooting. We did validate Simerics-MP with our test-bench data and found that it is very accurate both for global quantities prediction and for local effects like cavitation damage. Overall, we are very happy with the software because it helps raise our department productivity and improve the quality of our work.

    Raffaele Squarcini, Calculation & Simulation Department Manager Pierburg Pump Technology
  • Simerics-MP Helps Reduce Time and Cost for Gear Pump Research

    Simerics-MP Testimonial from Powertrain Control Research Laboratory at University of Wisconsin-Madison:

    The Powertrain Control Research Laboratory (PCRL) is a research group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering at The University of Wisconsin-Madison. We are using Simerics-MP to evaluate preliminary changes to new hydraulic pump designs for a unique high-speed application. This software allows us to identify the most promising changes, given our goals. Simerics-MP clearly indicated the cavitation and pressure effects of numerous modifications to the pump housing and gears. Development utilizing simulations decreases the design time by negating the need to test each design via a prototype thus severely limiting the required time. Each prototype that is not required for testing eliminates approximately $2,000 toward the development cost.The GUI is simple to use and a single general approach is required to apply a proper mesh and the appropriate set-up parameters. The time required to set up a simulation is approximately 30 minutes. The support provided by Simerics is excellent, top notch, professional, and prompt.

    Powertrain Control Research Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Simerics-MP+ New Template Helps Ford analyze their crescent oil pumps

    “Due to complexities of interaction among gears and crescent-shaped island, a crescent oil pump is one of the most difficult auto components to model using three dimensional CFD. The present study shows that the proposed computational model is very be used as a reliable crescent pump design tool.”

    “A Three-Dimensional Design Tool for Crescent Oil Pumps,” by Yu Jiang, Michal Furmanczyk and Samuel Lowry of Simerics, Inc.and Dengfu Zhang and Chin-Yuan Perng of ATEO, Ford Motor Company, was presented at the 2008 SAE conference in Detroit, Michigan.

  • Simerics-MP+ Helps Magna Powertrain Design Better Pumps

    Simerics-MP+ Testimonial from Magna Powertrain:

    Magna Powertrain, Engine Technologies Group, Concord Ontario acquired the simulation software Simerics-MP+ in 2006 to support its oil pump development team whose main responsibility is the design of gerotor and vane pumps. The team has proved that the code provides accurate results with the pre-processing/setting time reduced to as low as two hours using the Simerics-MP+ templates and the automatic mesh generator. Simulations were performed in a short period of time which allowed us to compare three or four design options back to back and to make the best possible decision before building the prototypes. Simerics-MP+ was very useful in addressing issues related to cavitation discovered in the first stage design. The cavitation was either eliminated or reduced to a minimum in the second stage design. Overall, Simerics-MP+ has proved to be a very useful, user-friendly tool designed especially for pump designers to help them make the best possible design decisions to meet or exceed the customer expectations.

    Romulus Crisan, P.Eng., Magna Powertrain FEA Engineer, Engine Transmission Components Group 800 Tesma Way, Concord, ON, L4K 5C2
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