"A great tool for Design Engineers"

Simerics-MP and Simerics-MP+ are built on Simerics’s baseline technology to provide a powerful transient 3-D simulation software uniquely suited for the analysis and design process in multiple market segments.

  • Simerics-MP Helps Aerospace

    Simerics-MP Testimonial from Parker Hannifin

    We acquired Simerics-MP in order to examine a cavitation damage issue in one of our pumps. We were able to witness a correlation using the cavitation intensity model and the location of our actual damage. We examined several pump hardware changes and witnessed a reduction of calculated intensity with a reduction or elimination of actual damage. The new geometry configurations were easily imported and set up to run within one hour. Trends in the solution were apparent within a few hours of run time while converged solutions at cavitation conditions would normally take an overnight run. The tutorial was sufficient to get us started and requests for support and advice on improving our modeling techniques were quick and succinct. Streamline visualizations revealed fluid paths that we had only dreamed of or never imagined. Rapid turnaround of proposed modifications prevented us from building hardware that was unlikely to solve our problems. The use of Simerics-MP has validated the solution to our cavitation issue and provided us with a greater understanding of the dynamic fluid stresses within our pumps.

    Richard Friedman, Research and Development, Parker Aerospace
  • Simerics-MP+ Performs Fast Transient Simulation

    Simerics-MP+ Testimonial from Pioneer Pump, Inc.

    In designing a pump targeted to the mining and dairy slurry industries, we learned that more radical designs, such as a very high head, two vane impeller, absolutely require a transient analysis in order to produce accurate results. The speed of Simerics-MP+ enabled us to perform full transient simulations over-night, with the result that original design point was achieved and bettered by about 15 feet, and the efficiency was around the anticipated 78%. By comparison, the steady-state predictions, which can only approximate the effects of dynamic pulsations, were well off the mark. Had we made the decision to go with either of the other two CFD packages we looked at, transient simulations would have not been feasible, and, as the designer, I would still be in a funk and scratching my head. What I hope is that, during your sales efforts for this software, you will share this anecdote and stress, while it works much of the time, a steady-state analysis, alone, might very well leave a designer scratching his head!

    Bill Carnes P.E., Chief Engineer Pioneer Pump, Inc.
  • Simerics-MP Easily Handles a Challenging Problem

    Simerics-MP Testimonial from Mechanical Solutions, Inc.

    A cavitating inducer, impeller, and volute is quite a challenging problem to simulate. Simerics-MP easily handled this difficult problem. It is critical to use a code that is validated and robust, so that performance differences in prototype designs can be discerned. Simerics-MP is extremely robust, and provides hydraulic performance in both cavitating and non-cavitating environments. I would highly recommend Simerics-MP for flow analysis applications.

    Dr. Edward Bennett, Director of Fluid Engineering Mechanical Solutions, Inc.
  • Simerics-MP+ is the perfect CFD tool for Hyundai

    Simerics-MP+ Testimonial from Hyundai-Kia Motors

    There are many CFD tools to choose from; however, there is no doubt that Simerics-MP+ is the perfect CFD tool for multiple automotive applications. Hyundai successfully uses Simerics-MP+ for the analysis of cavitation and pressure fluctuation in its fluid power systems, and specifically, its pumps and valves. Simerics-MP+ is impressive because it is able to simulate transient fluid dynamic effects for automotive pumps; plus, I am very satisfied with the cavitation modeling capabilities of Simerics-MP+. It is uniquely suited to deal with very small gaps where cavitation can occur. I look forward to utilizing Simerics-MP+ even more in the future as new developments are released.

    Tae-Gyun Kim, Research Engineer, Corporate Research & Development Division Hyundai-Kia Motors
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