"A great tool for Design Engineers"

Simerics-MP and Simerics-MP+ are built on Simerics’s baseline technology to provide a powerful transient 3-D simulation software uniquely suited for the analysis and design process in multiple market segments.

  • Sauer Danfoss Analyze Piston Pump Cavitation Damage Using Simerics-MP+
    “comparison between Fig. 8 [ Simerics-MP+ Predictions] and Fig. 7 [Sauer Danfoss image of cavitational wear on a Piston Pump Endcap] proves a very good agreement between observation during test and result from CFD-simulation.”
    -Ing. O. Meincke, and -Ing. R. Rahmfeld, "Measurements, Analysis and Simulation of Cavitation in an Axial Piston Pump, " Conference Proceedings, 6th International Fluid Power Conference, Dresden, "Fluid Power in Motion," April 1-2, 2008, p. 485.
  • Noise Reduction for the Automotive Industry

    Simerics-MP+ is enabling the automotive industry to reduce the noise emissions for their automobile oil pumps. In the case of one manufacturer, designers were able to reduce the noise for a production line oil pump by over 30 decibels. That is similar to dropping from normal conversation down to a whisper, and, after all, who wants their car oil pump talking above a whisper? This dramatic reduction was accomplished by using Simerics-MP+ to identify the source of pressure ripples causing unnecessary noise. Once the sources were identify, design engineers were able to eliminate the cause and silence the chatter. The result is a quieter, more efficient pump.

  • Simerics-MP+ Helps Transmission Oil Pump Design

    Ford Motor Company ATEO is successfully applying Simerics-MP+ for transmission oil pump design.

    Simerics-MP+ Testimonial from Ford Motor Company CAE/VSA Supervisor:

    I’m pleased to let you know that CFD engineers in my section at Transmission & Driveline Engineering (TDE), Ford Motor Company have been successfully using the CFD package, Simerics-MP+, developed by your company to support the transmission oil pump design and release. We found that Simerics-MP+ is easy to-use, fast, and very robust in creating pump virtual models to predict the flow performance exhibited in gerotor and vane pumps. The applications of Simerics-MP+ have effectively helped us eliminate many technical bottlenecks and increase our analysis throughput. We are thrilled about the opportunity to support our engineering team to investigate more design alternatives and sort out potential design weaknesses analytically. I can see that in a shorter term, the final design of our pumps will be more robust, the concept decision will be made faster in response to system demands. In a longer term, I expect that we will be able to translate many innovative ideas of pump designs to positive customer perception of the superiority of our vehicles’ NVH quality.

    Best Regards,

    Chin-Yuan Perng Supervisor, Dynamics CAE & VSA ATEO, Ford Motor Co.
  • Customer Pleased With Excellent Support From Simerics

    Testimonial from President of BSRD LLC:

    I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with the Simerics-MP+ CFD code. I’ve been using the code now for about 6 months to provide fluid flow and heat transfer analysis for my primary client, and this tool has exceeded my expectations. Although originally designed for pump analysis, I have found the code to be exceptionally well suited for the analysis of valves, which in my case included the accommodation of cryogenic fluids and multi-phase flow. Having used other CFD codes in the past, I was expecting a steep learning curve and a lot of down time to be able to get the results I needed. Instead, I found Simerics-MP+ to be easy to use, well thought-out, robust, and fast. In addition, I have found the technical support from Simerics to be superb. My questions and difficulties were answered quickly and effectively, usually the same day. This turned out be especially important for the analysis I was doing, which required considerable interaction with the client.The overall capability and utility of Simerics-MP+ has allowed we to provide excellent analytic support to my clients, and I plan on using this code as my primary CFD tool.

    John A. Bossard, Ph.D., President BSRD LLC
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