Scroll Compressors

Scroll Compressors:

Simerics-MP+ can predict the performance of Scroll Compressors and has been validated by comparison with experimental data. The advantage of using Simerics-MP+ for Scroll Compressors is the accuracy of the solution, the ease and ability to create a mesh optimized for the compressor geometry, the ability to account for tight clearances, and the speed of the simulation which has been reported to be 10-30 times faster that the competition.(Testimonial)


  • Offers a template customized specifically for Scroll Compressors
  • Template mesher and solver can handle tight clearances for more accuracy
  • Can model heat transfer in both the fluid and solid parts
  • Ease-of-use

Design Issues/Benefits:

  • Predict performance to within 5 %
  • Predict loads
  • Predict leakage and parasitic losses
  • Reduce pressure ripple and noise