Dynamic Valves

Check Valve (Ball):

Simerics-MP+ is used to predict the cracking pressure, flow-rates, valve dynamics, valve loss coefficient, valve loads and cavitation damage in valves. Speed enables full transient simulations. (Testimonial)


  • Dynamics based on pressures, spring forces, and mass
  • Models both free and dissolved gases
  • Models Cavitation
  • Closure model for tight seals
  • Speed enables the inclusion of other valves and components
  • Can include complex features and tight clearances
  • Can accommodate high pressure drops across the valve
  • Ease-of-use

Design Issues/Benefits:

  • Predict valve dynamics
  • Predict flow-rates
  • Determine the effects of aeration and cavitation
  • Analyze & avoid damage
  • Predict loads
  • Reduce pressure ripple and noise