What 5 Million Engineers Can’t See

What if all 5 million engineers in the world couldn’t see? Today 7.5 billion people can’t see air, the inside of a bubble, heat, nitrogen, oxygen, pressure, pressure forces, and water (because it’s usually in a pipe or in a pump or under the earth or seeping into your house). That’s right, 7.5 billion people can’t see what makes up half of the world. There are many other “Fluids” that we can’t see, think of them as un-seeable fluids. Who wants to see what you can’t see? The world’s population does and 5 million Engineers do for sure. If Engineers make Digital Fluids, then others will be able to see what they haven’t been able to see!

How can we make the ability to see Digital Fluids push-button? Microsoft came up with one of the best strategies ever, “A Personal Computer for Every Home”. For Digital Fluids we need a “Human Computer for Every Person” strategy to turn on what the world can’t see. Creo Parametric engineers can now see Digital Fluids in each design by using Creo Flow Analysis and then output the animated streamlines from those designs to Augmented Reality using Vuforia Studio.These Digital Fluids can now be seen and shared with others. If Engineers create Digital Fluids and share them, they are the main source and basis in the evolution of “A Human Computer for Every Person”.

Next June in Boston at LiveWorx19 you will get the opportunity to see the un-seeable! PTC customers will share how their Engineers have completely defined their products by adding Digital Fluids and Augmented Reality to their Designs. This is defined as Digital Models, plus Digital Fluids, plus Augmented Reality, plus the Actual Product = COMPLETE PRODUCT (like the photographs of the airplane and snowmobile above from LiveWorx 18). In addition to Engineers, people in Preventative Maintenance and Installation Management will be interested in the COMPLETE PRODUCT as well. LiveWorx is becoming “the Mecca” for Engineers and Executives to see what you can’t see so others can see and enjoy the benefits of Digital Fluids. If more people see Digital Fluids we believe a “Human Computer for Every Person” is on the way!


Simerics hopes to see you at LiveWorx19 where you’ll see Digital Fluids via Augmented Reality and you’ll be able to say you were there to see what others couldn’t. Remember a “Human Computer for Every Person” starts with automating what you can’t see and seeing what you can’t—half of your product and half of the world!