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Simerics Webinar Series

    Session 3A: August 5th | 08:30 CT
    Session 3B: August 5th | 18:00 CT

    PumpLinx for the Oil and Gas Industry

    The methodology applied to various types of devices used in the Oil and Gas industry will be examined in this presentation.  The main areas to be addressed are Axial/Centrifugal pumps, Frac/Mud pumps, Valves, and Systems consisting of combinations of these. These different pump types require unique consideration in regards to the salient features of each device’s characteristics when generating the simulations. Specifically, the Axial/Centrifugal pump simulations require that attention is given to whether or not convergence has been achieved. Residual history (residual drop of 3 orders of magnitude for steady state) is not necessarily sufficient to determine the completeness of the solution (the flow field must be sensible). When analyzing the Frac/Mud pumps the effective viscosity is an issue and adjustments are needed to approximate the volume conditions. Valve simulations require that the proper settings are applied for it to function properly. All of these guidelines will be provided in this presentation. Finally, Systems of combinations of these components are examined.