Planetary Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox Lubrication:

The planetary gearbox is an important part of transmission system for many industries including ICE/Hybrid or Electric vehicles. The lubrication of gearbox by oil splashing reduces
the friction and provides cooling for its optimal operation and
life. The fast and robust multiphase flow solver in Simerics-MP+
can simulate oil splashing phenomena accurately, which helps
to design effective lubrication system for gearbox with spur or helical gears.

The “General gear template” in Simerics-MP+ automates the model setup with intermeshing of gears for different scenarios of planetary gearset motions. It predicts oil splashing pattern due to gear rotation, churning losses, oil expulsion through vent, wetted area on the gear surfaces and oil flow to the bearings


  • Planetary gearbox as a system with spur or helical gears can be simulated
  • Intermeshing of gears through “resolved mesh” makes the prediction accurate
  • Boundary layer mesh to capture oil wetting on gear surfaces
  • Robust explicit VOF multiphase solver
  • Accurate capture of oil-air interface with less diffusion
  • Gear template makes the CFD model setup in few minutes
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Ease of use

Design Issues/Benefits:

  • Predicts oil splashing pattern inside the gearbox for proper lubrication
  • Predicts oil flow to the bearings and other parts
  • Predicts churning losses at various speed ratios
  • Optimize vent design in the gearbox
  • Any number of gearset can be simulated