UV-Light Disinfection

UV light-based disinfection simulation of a classroom:

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is one of the most effective ways to disinfect the surfaces from viruses and other germs. Understanding of UV radiation including its intensity, extend and spread is important to optimize the positioning of objects in a room and UV light source.

The fast and robust surface-to-surface radiation model in Simerics-MP+ enables the user to simulate the disinfection of a classroom with a moving UV light source. The binary-tree meshing algorithm in Simerics-MP+ helps to capture geometrical details of the classroom and mesh motion effectively. The setup of the entire model and running the simulation are easy and fast.


  • The details of the surfaces to be disinfected and the UV light conditions can be simulated
  • Fast and robust surface-to-surface radiation model
  • Advanced ray tracing algorithm for view factor calculation
  • Template mesh for standard shapes
  • The moving UV light source or any surface can be modeled with advanced mesh motion
  • Ease of use, fast and accurate

Design Issues/Benefits:

  • Better arrangement of objects in a room and light source
  • Decide on the specifications of the UV light for efficient disinfection
  • Improved health situation of the classroom