Webinar on integration of SCORG and Simerics-PD for analysis of positive displacement compressors

August 15, 2015 PDM Analysis Ltd , the leader in providing fast and reliable analysis and design solutions for screw compressors, and Simerics, Inc., creators of 3D CFD simulation tools for high fidelity virtual testing of complex fluid systems, announced today a direct integration between SCORG and Simerics-PD.

SCORGTM, developed by PDM Analysis, is specialized software for the design and analysis of screw compressors, pumps and motors. It offers unique capability to evaluate the performance and operation of these machines by use of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamic Multi Chamber Model. It is designed to minimize efforts and maximize efficiency of the design process by enabling geometry analysis, preliminary thermodynamic evaluation and grid generation of the large number of positive displacement rotary machines with multiple rotor arrangements including:

  • Screw compressors with two or more rotors
  • Single phase and multiphase screw pumps with two and more rotors
  • Single phase and multiphase screw motors with two or more rotors
  • Roots Blowers
  • Hook and Claw Compressors, pumps and motors
  • Gear pumps and G-pumps
  • Progressive Cavity pumps
  • Rotary screw extruders

Simerics-PD, developed by Simerics is built on the strength of the proprietary numerical algorithms and physical models developed by  Simerics  with additional  templates and capabilities developed specifically for positive displacement (PD) Compressors. Simerics-PD provides unsurpassed speed, accuracy, and numerical strength in simulating the heat transfer and fluid dynamics for a range of Compressors. For liquid systems, there is a Cavitation Module to account accurately for the effect of vapor, free gas and liquid compressibility.

Webinar: A webinar will be conducted on Wednesday, Sept 9, at 12:00AM eastern time US (1700 hrs UK) to showcase this integration as well as SCORG and Simerics-PD functionality. To pre-register  for this webinar, click on  “SCORG-Simerics PD Webinar” or contact Chris Langford directly at cl@simerics.com. Registration information will be sent to your e-mail address. The integration will also be available for demonstration at the  PDM Analysis Ltd, Simerics Inc. and 80/20 Engineering booth at the 9th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems, organized by City University London on September 7th -9th, 2015 at The Mermaid Conference Centre, Puddle Dock, Blackfriars, EC4V 3DB, London, United Kingdom. (For a video , go to Analysis and Simulation of Screw Compressors.)


About Simerics, Inc.

Simerics Inc. develops, markets, and supports CAE Tools for the virtual simulation and testing of fluid pumps, valves, compressors, motors, and systems including the effects of flow, heat transfer,  pressure, and cavitation. Simerics is focused on providing tools that allow manufacturers to reduce expensive hardware testing and provide unique insight into their products. Founded in 2005, Simerics provides  the advantage of the latest in simulation  technology. Products include Simerics MP for Multi-Purpose applications and  Simerics-PD, Simerics-Turbo, Simerics-Valves and PumpLinx  for the accurate and robust simulation of pumps, valves, motors, compressors and other fluid devices with rotating or sliding components.

To learn more about Simerics, please visit www.simerics.com , telephone (256 489 1480) or e-mail us at contact@simerics.com.

About PDM Analysis Ltd

 Founded in 2014, PDM Analysis Ltd is taking over the success of researchers at City University London to marketing and further development of SCORGTM. We have over 25 years of experience in the field of screw compressors through collaboration with a large portfolio of leading manufacturers, research centres and universities on providing solutions for efficient design and operation of positive displacement machines. We pioneered the use of 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics for screw compressors and developed SCORGTM more than 15 years ago at City University London.

For more information contact us by e-mail SCORG@pdmanalysis.co.uk or phone +44 20 7040 8780 or visit our web site www.pdmanalysis.co.uk.

SCORG and PDM Analysis are trademarks of PDM Analysis Ltd. Simerics and PumpLinx are registered trademarks of Simerics, Inc. All other product names are owned by their respective manufacturers.

 8020 Engineering

 80/20 Engineering Ltd is a joint venture, privately owned company founded by CAE veterans Sean Horgan and Ake Burman in 2009, and further strengthened through the merger with UpFront Engineering Simulation owned by Mike Clapp in 2010. 80/20 Engineering distributes both PDM Analysis and Simerics Products. They provide  full  training on these tools and have a  Fluid Mechanics Group of  proficient and experienced CFD engineers with a thorough understanding of the software and product development, enabling  deep engineering support.