Levant Power optimizes GenShock with PumpLinx®

Levant Power is developing GenShock, an active suspension system for cars and trucks that vastly improves ride, handling, and comfort. PumpLinx is at the center of their product development process, and has quantitatively helped drive the design of their technology. A joint technical paper (FPMC2013-4402 ) entitled “Analysis and Optimization of an Electrohydraulic Valve for use in a Fully-Active Vehicle Suspension through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics,” will be presented in the optimization Session of the ASME/Bath 2013Symposium on Fluid Power & Motion Control, Tuesday, October 08, 2013 04:00 PM-05:15 PM.

PumpLinx has enabled our engineering team to accurately simulate performance of GenShock and its internal design features. It is delivering more accurate results for our hydraulic pump and valve modeling efforts than previous CFD packages we have utilized, saving us time and money. A couple data points: our latest generation GenShock demonstrated empirical performance within 1.7% of our un-calibrated predictions. The ability to accurately simulate design features enabled us to rapidly hone in on design enhancements, delivering a 3x improvement in system efficiency over the previous generation. ”

Zack Anderson

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Levant Power Corp.