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The first general purpose computational physics software with a fully adaptive architecture for solving Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) problems with advanced multi-physics.

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PumpLinx: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Design Tool for Predicting Flow and Cavitation in Pumps, including: Axial / Centrifugal / Crescent / Gear / Gerotor / Lobe / Piston / Ring / Side Channel / and Vane Pumps. SimericsMP: General Purpose Multi-Physics CFD for modeling Heat, Flow and Cavitation, including Blowers, Fans, Mixers, Propellers, and Valves.
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Simerics is the 5th generation software product for the transient simulation and analysis of complex processes and equipment in multi-dimensions. The software provides rigorous solutions of the fundamental laws of conservation of mass, energy, species, and momentum, to provide accurate and physically meaningful simulations for the purpose of research and/or design/process optimization. It surpasses older Multiphysics simulation software in its ability to handle complex intermeshing grids and in its fundamental architecture which is inherently faster and more flexible.

Valve Simulation Motorcycle Aerodynamic Simulation Stir Mixer Simulation

Our Workteam

Simerics's unique features include:

Automated Grid Generation : PumpLinx / Simerics's newly released (Version 2.0) automated mesh generation capability enables the user to create a grid with two to three simple steps. Binary refinement and adaptation is used to create an efficient, high resolution mesh, even for large complex geometries with disparate length scales. Individual pump templates offer pump specific grid generation for specialized components. (read more)

Powerful, and Easy-to-Use Moving Grid: Simerics's uses a proprietary Mismatching Grid Interface (MGI) algorithm to accommodate the interface between rotating/sliding components. This feature provides Simerics with a unique capability within the commercial CFD software business. The technology supports implicit overset grids, binary tree meshes, general polyhedral cells, one dimension lines, and zero dimensional compartments. These different grid formats can coexist and interact with each other to provide efficient and flexible solutions for very complex device geometries.

Integrated Environment: Unlike most computational software, Simerics integrates the Mesher, Pre-processor, Solver, and Post-processor into a single environment. This approach shortens the learning curve and enables engineers and scientists to perform parametric studies and solve problems easier and faster.

An Adaptive Software Architecture: Simerics computational physics software is developed using the latest technologies in computer science. Its true Object Oriented design results in a highly flexible software architecture which overcomes many of the limitation inherent in previous generations of computational physics/CFD software. This structure enables Simerics software to operate significantly more efficiently.For example, Simerics's client-server approach enables real-time solution display with minimal computational overhead. In addition, the integrated binary tree mesh virtually eliminates the memory storage associated with the grid, thereby reducing the overall memory requirements by more than a factor of two and greatly improving speed. The flexible architecture within Simerics software also facilitates customization of individual modules to specific customer requirements.

Advanced Physical Models: In addition to a standard array of multi-physics modules, Simerics can boast of having a cavitation module second to none in the industry. This cavitation module has been tested and proven in real world applications. A particular strength of the module is its ability to converge for very difficult problems where other software packages fail. This capability is critical in solving a wide range of problems where cavitation effect can not be ignored.

Cavitation in a Flow Control Valve Supercavitating High-speed Underwater Vehicle

Summary of Simerics's key features:

  • Based on fundamental laws of conservation.
  • Integrates pre-processor, solver, and post-processor in a single software package.
  • Automated grid generatio., High quality and geometry conformed grids can be generated easily and rapidly.
  • Supports virtually all grid types including general polyhedral cells and binary tree.
  • Incorporates moving grids and sliding interface quickly and robustly.
  • Multi level system modeling with tightly integrated mixed dimensionality from ODE's to 3-D.
  • Has an expandable structure.
  • Can be readily customized:
    • Set and hide default
    • Auto meshing and re-meshing for selected components
    • Auto processing, extraction and presentation of relevant data
    • Process adapted GUI
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