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PumpLinx: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Design Tool for Predicting Flow and Cavitation in Pumps, including: Axial / Centrifugal / Crescent / Gear / Gerotor / Lobe / Piston / Ring / Side Channel / and Vane Pumps. SimericsMP: General Purpose Multi-Physics CFD for modeling Heat, Flow and Cavitation, including Blowers, Fans, Mixers, Propellers, and Valves.

What We offer

Simulation Software Tools
Simerics offers simulation tools for design/analysis engineers.
Customized Simulation Tools
As appropriate, the above software tools can be extended and customized for your specific application.
Simerics offers consulting services involving: product design and modification, process optimization, diagnostics, and failure analysis.

Job Opportunities

Currently there are multiple job openings available. Click here for details.

Company Profile

Simerics Company Logo

Simerics is a dynamic software / consulting company whose mission is to support your company’s R&D with the most efficient, accurate and well-supported multi-physics simulation tools possible.

Our Workteam

Simerics Work Team
The Simerics team is comprised of scientists and engineers who have been among the pioneers in the development and application of multipurpose computational physics since the early 1980’s. This knowledge and experience is combined with new advances in computational physics, computational geometry, and software engineering to provide our clients with the next generation of simulation tools.

Location & Contact Information

We have three offices in US, and distributors around the World. Click here for detailed contact information.
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