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PumpLinx: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Design Tool for Predicting Flow and Cavitation in Pumps, including: Axial / Centrifugal / Crescent / Gear / Gerotor / Lobe / Piston / Ring / Side Channel / and Vane Pumps. SimericsMP: General Purpose Multi-Physics CFD for modeling Heat, Flow and Cavitation, including Blowers, Fans, Mixers, Propellers, and Valves.
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PumpLinx: Pump Simulation Tool
  • PumpLinx is a unique CFD tool created to help engineers design better fluid pumps & motors by virtue of the following:
    • Accurately models flow and aeration/cavitation
    • Fast setup time (usually less than an hour) using pump/motor specific templates
    • Offers automated "push button" grid generation
    • Significant faster (>5x) than the competition for most applications
    • Built from ground up using the latest in numerical algorithms and architecture to provide true state-of-the-art for accuracy, speed, and robustness
  • Solves more pump types than other commercial software. The following pump/motor templates are currently available:
  • PumpLinx can also be applied for other fluid devices with rotating/sliding components and/or cavitation .

Check out PumpLinx applications at Simerics Applications Gallery.

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PumpLinx is built on Simerics's baseline technology to provide a transient 3-D simulation software uniquely suited for the analysis and design of pumps and other fluid devices with rotating or sliding components.

As with the Simerics code, PumpLinx provides rigorous solution of the fundamental laws of conservation of mass, energy, species, and momentum, to provide accurate and physically meaningful simulations for the purpose of research and/or design/process optimization.

PumpLinx includes the following modules and capabilities that make it a superior product for the analysis and design of machinery with rotating or sliding components. PumpLinx offers the pump/device design engineer the following unique benefits that distinguish it from other software:

Automated Grid Generation : PumpLinx / Simerics's newly released (Version 2.0) automated mesh generation capability enables the user to create a grid with two to three simple steps. Binary refinement and adaptation is used to create an efficient, high resolution mesh, even for large complex geometries with disparate length scales. Individual pump templates offer pump specific grid generation for specialized components. (read more)

True State-of-the-art Numerics : PumpLinx was developed using the latest available numerical techniques and architecture coupled with proprietary Simerics algorithms to create a numerical tool that is significantly faster and more robust than the competition.

Robust and Accurate Cavitation Model : PumpLinx's aeration/cavitation model coupled with its numerical strength allow it to accurately and robustly model high volume fractions of vapor and/or non-condensible gas.

Fast Turnaround Time: Different Pump configurations, such as for a Gerotor or Vane Pump, are pre-programmed into PumpLinx via the customization module to make setup time a matter of minutes. With regard to computational speed, PumpLinx has been found to be typically five times faster than other CFD codes for pump applications.

Reliable Results: PumpLinx accurately models the 3-D transient fluid dynamics and vapor and immiscible gases within pumps, motors and other fluid machinery. As shown below, the PumpLinx cavitation module has been thoroughly validated against real engineering test cases. For many applications, this is a critical feature unavailable in other multi-physics software.

Acurate Cavitation  Model

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PumpLinx is capable of the simulation and analysis of the following pump/motor types and other devices:

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